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You Didn't Stop There

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

You are the great I AM, the ANCIENT of DAYS, the creator of the universe. That is enough to simply give you praise and worship. – but you didn’t stop there!

You created us for a relationship with you,

You gave us your Word to live by,

Your prophecies and miracles to convince us,

Your Son to show us how to love and live – yet you didn’t stop there!

You gave us your Son to die for our sins,

Who buried our past in the grave and gave us hope and forgiveness for the future,

Who imputed our sins to us no more, setting us free, and whom God sets free is free indeed – but you didn’t stop there either!

You also took our sickness and disease at the cross,

You bore our griefs and carried our sorrows,

Upon you was the chastisement that made us whole,

and by Your stripes we are healed – yet you didn’t stop there either!

You gave us wisdom, your Holy Spirit, the Counselor of Truth,

You gave us a spirit of power and love and self-discipline,

You gave us confidence to enter your Throne,

You gave us boldness and compassion to speak your WORD,

and a promise that we would do what you did and even greater things,

to be a positive IMPACT on those we encounter – yet you didn’t stop there!

You gave us everything we need in life if we just trust, believe, and truly love you.

You called us friend, sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, co-heirs to the throne,

The righteousness of God through Christ Jesus,

You went on to prepare a place for us in Heaven – yet you still didn’t stop there….


Father we praise you for:

· The incredible grace, mercy, and above all, the love you have shown us.

· For not leaving us with our failures but filling us with your incredible gifts and promises so we can let go of the past and focus on you, your promises, and our victories in you.

· For purchasing our fear, doubt, worry, anger, and sickness on the cross and replacing it with hope, power, confidence, and the fruits of the spirit.

· For your salvation, peace, living Word, and eternal life with you.

· For letting us be a family who cares for each other and our community.

· For the freedom to worship you in peace.

· For letting us be a part of you and your plan so we can joyfully use our hands to serve you, no matter what challenges face, us because you are always with us.

· For giving us the power of the Holy Spirit and your kingdom in us on earth as it is in Heaven so that as you are in this earth so are we.

You truly are the Great I AM…..

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