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The Power of Testimonies

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

Many years ago, we had owned a small hovercraft. It only flew about 4 inches off the ground in Colorado (I will leave my personal weight out of the reasoning), but it was a great experience. Funny thing was, we had to register it as a boat, though we took it out in the desert at times as well as over water. Signs that said “No motor vehicles on this path” were difficult for authorities because it technically did not touch the ground. We were also required to carry a life jacket and paddle by law, even though we may be in the desert. Society did not know what to do with this situation, so they applied the rules based on their reasoning at the time. My kids would be talking to friends about the hovercraft but some of their friends would tell them it was not true; they said we could not possibly have a real hovercraft. We loved sharing the experience of flying the hovercraft because it was different and brought us joy. I find testimonies have a very similar mixed reaction.

My wife and I began sharing our testimonies, receiving the same mixed response. We spoke at a wonderful Mission in southern Texas where an elderly lady came up after the service and said she walked in with pain, but the pain left during the service – praise God! Having given similar talks at other churches some received the message, and some rejected it. I will never forget one Pastor who turned and walked away in unbelief as I shared so many testimonies. We have seen back pains and headaches leave immediately, cancer counts drop by the thousands before any treatments, cancers go away, knees healed, lives changed, and many other testimonies by the power of the Holy Spirit working within God’s people. Let alone the many testimonies in the churches we have visited who embrace this promise and believe for it. Yet many still fight the truth just like the stories of the hovercraft. Is healing real or even available now days? Did not healing go away with the prophets? God is in control, right? Does He pick and choose who benefits from “by His stripes we were healed”? Yet, God says His people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. There are many references to “if - then” statements in scripture regarding our choice and us receiving blessings or curses. The Word says traditions of man make null and void His word, and life and death are in the power of the tongue. Scripture is saturated with the importance of keeping His testimonies.

Revelation 12:11 states “They triumphed by the blood of the lamb and the word of their testimonies…”. The Hebrew word for “testimony” means to “do it again”. Psalm 119:2 say’s; “Blessed are those that keep His testimonies”. 1 John 4:17 tells us that in this world, we are as Jesus is. Is Jesus sick? - no. Is Jesus stressed? - no. Is Jesus full of the Holy Spirit? - yes. Did Jesus take all our sicknesses and infirmities on the cross and set us free from the law of sin and death? - yes. This is just part of our inheritance from Jesus. We should celebrate our testimonies, sharing the goodness of God to one-another with joy, praise, and thanksgiving, blessing His name. This stirs up the spirit within us (2 Timothy 1:6) for others to get healed just as the elderly lady in Texas, often just by hearing of God’s goodness. God wants you well to do His good works. Jesus was not sent to condemn the world; but that the world through Him might be saved. (John 3:17). He will not put sickness on you because you are in Jesus and Jesus is in you. Wouldn’t that be like Jesus putting sickness on himself again and go against why Jesus died for us? (A talk for another time.) If you are battling sickness then keep listening to testimonies, His Word, and telling your body to get in line with Jesus’ body. God loves you and wants you well. I hope you can believe in and enjoy hovercrafts as much as I do. I pray you triumph and are blessed in keeping His testimonies!

This wonderful linked video sermon from Bill Johnson was sent to me about testimonies. The testimonies are very much in line with other successful prayer ministries today for those who remove traditions of man to believe for His full gospel. Be blessed!

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