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We are ALL on a journey in this life.   I have a passion and calling to help equip those in search of their true God-given identity.  An identity rooted in love and His grace, which can carry us through absolutely any circumstance.   Even through the loss of my husband and daughter, I've been able to experience a life of deep joy and overwhelming PEACE and connection.    

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Our Mission

Our mission is to share the knowledge of God’s love for us, the fullness of the gospel, and the believer’s full identity in Christ.


Come on a journey with me to discover and develop your internal spirit and heart.  There is a revelation of God's goodness and grace available to each of us that will overwhelm your life and set you free.   Galatians 2:20


William Bert "Bill" Miller

March 14, 1963 - November 11, 2022

Bill Miller never met anyone he didn’t try to help, or teach, or coach, or encourage.  The calling of excellence in Bill’s life was evident in everything he put his hand to. In aerospace, in ministry, in scouting, in parenting, and in loving. We were married for an amazing 40 years, and we spent the last 20 of those searching out and confirming the truths found on these pages.  We've spent 1000's of hours and miles,  learning, teaching, praying, leading classes and life groups and finding joy amidst very hard circumstances.  Our entire family is extremely blessed and called into God's service in various ways.  When we lost our lovely daughter Amy in 2019 to addiction and the lies of the enemy of this world, we launched this ministry in honor of her.  Her beautiful daughter Ashlynne Faith Miller is the joy and delight of our lives.  We adopted her and she became the beauty and focus of our days.  I now have the privilege of raising Ashlynne on my own.  She has been through more loss than any child should ever have to go through, and I am eternally grateful God has equipped the two of us to share in honoring her mom, and Bill, her wonderful best friend and Grandpa, to carry on his ministry dreams.  Any donations made to this ministry go towards Ashlynne's education. Thank You!